Hikari Shimoda's "Children on the Edge" Opens in Los Angeles

We are very happy to share Hikari Shimoda's latest body of work for her fourth major solo entitled, "Children on the Edge" at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, opening this Saturday, January 13th.

Hikiar's exhibition, complimented by the US debut of Australian artist Pip & Pop, will feature 17 new oil and mixed media paintings. “Children on the Edge” marks a continuation of Shimoda’s series of the same name, first appearing in her 2016 exhibition for the gallery, “Recycling Humanity”. With this new series, Hikari both humanizes and expands on the mythology of her young characters. Hikari shares:

“I have chosen the concept of “children on the edge” as the main theme to create these works. Children and adults, human beings and gods, souls and the living, and life and death… Everything has a “boundary” and we can grasp the essence of things only when we look at the middle of boundary, which is neither black nor white. The present day is a consequence of boundaries made by past and future.”

“In these series, I always try to focus on my mood at the moment to give my work vivid feeling. It is also important that the characters are always fictional and not representing anyone in particular, so I never use models. Their anonymity could be projected onto anyone; in other words, every character of this series could be a mirror of the viewer. I tried to freely depict skin color, race, country, even reality and fiction. This helps to make those characters familiar to anyone who looks at them.”

For previews, pricing and purchase of the paintings, please contact the gallery at [email protected]. For any press, interview or other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

"Children on the Edge" will be on view January 13th through February 17th, 2018 at:

Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St)
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Tel: (310) 287-2340
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: noon to 6pm