Hikari Shimoda at Kiaf SEOUL 2022

Hikari will have two new paintings on view at Kiaf SEOUL next week with her paintings "God Is Dead, but... #9" and "Question the Focus #4". Her work will be on display over at Megumi Ogita Gallery booth A76. The paintings mark the continution of Hikari' new series, featured in her solo show earlier this summer.

Question the Focus #4
Acrylic, silkscreen and collage on canvas
20.9" x 17.9"

For previews and purchase inquiries, please contact the gallery at [email protected].

Hikari shares: "People think they are looking at things fairly, but they actually see only what they want to see. How do people see this world of overlapping various events? This work is a question from the viewpoint. The collage of the lower newspaper, the layer of stickers, the image drawn from the skull, the sympathy for the character, the meaning of the letters ... Which one do you focus on most? What you see will change depending on where you focus."

God Is Dead, but… #9
Acrylic and oil on canvas, mounted on panel
28.6" x 28.6"

For previews and purchase inquiries, please contact the gallery at [email protected].

"I have been producing the "God's Whereabouts" series for 10 years. This is a work with the theme of "invisible anxiety" inspired by the Chernobyl necklace after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in 2011, but 10 years have passed and the human body of the nuclear accident. International research results have been announced that the impact on the disease is extremely minor and there is no problem. It also means that one conclusion was reached in the part that was the theme of this work. Therefore, I decided to end the "God's Whereabouts" series and start a new series that inherits the theme that is the basis of the series.

"God is dead" is the word of the philosopher Nietzsche. Negation of clinging to fiction, affirmation of nothingness. There is always anxiety about denying God and living in reality. The truth is to keep asking and staring at something. It is a painful and sad task that requires a great deal of energy. It conceptually depicts the image of the person facing them."

Kiaf SEOUL is on view September 3rd through 6th, 2022, and is located at:

Hall A&B, Grand Ballroom, 513
Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

For more information and event details, please visit Kiaf SEOUL online.