Art Collector Starter Kit 4 Group Show at Corey Helford

Hikari has a new painting in Corey Helford's popular group show "Art Collector Starter Kit", which returns this Saturday, April 1st! This marks the show's fourth installment, featuring 12"x12" works by over 50 of the best New Contemporary artists priced affordably for new collectors, including Shag, Miho Hirano, Luke Chueh, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Hannah Yata, Liz McGrath, Brandi Milne, and many more. Check out the Facebook event here!

"Memento Mori" Show Exclusive Prints

Hikari is releasing 3 new limited edition prints to commemorate her third solo show with Corey Helford Gallery, "Memento Mori", available at the opening tonight!